What’s happening in the ProductCart community?

There’s all kinds of discussions happening in the ProductCart community every week, and some of them take place on the ProductCart forums at http://www.earlyimpact.com/forum/

  • customers that discuss ideas about how to accomplish a certain task with ProductCart;
  • developers talking about a new extension for ProductCart;
  • store managers suggesting improvements to a certain feature;
  • … and lots more!

There’s a lot to learn and a lot that you can contribute as well, and the forums are moderated by Early Impact staff, so spam is (almost immediately) removed and suggestions/requests are heard (they can’t always become part of the development roadmap, but they are definitely taken into account).

Now, if you want a quick way to stay turned to what’s happening in the ProductCart community, here’s two simple ways to do so.

  1. Bookmark this page: http://www.earlyimpact.com/forum/active_topics.asp?AT=14
    It will take you to a summary of active topics in the last 7 days, organized by category. Here’s an example of how that page would look

productcart forum last 7 days

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed from the ProductCart forum, with your favorite RSS feed reader. For example, in the screen shot below the feed is added to a MyYahoo home page. You can find the RSS feed button in the top-right corner of the ProductCart forum (the orange “RSS” button visible also in the screen shot above).

productcart forum feed

See you on the ProductCart forums!

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