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PayPal Payflow downtime: what to do

Lots of ProductCart stores use PayPal in one form or the other. If you are one of them, read on. PayPal is in the process of moving to a new data center They recently issued a notice about some planned downtime In the notice it wasn’t terribly clear that the downtime does not affect PayPal Express […]

Getting ideas from the redesign

Target Brands, Inc. just relaunched their ecommerce store at I don’t know about you, but when we see a $1.3 billion online store go for a full redesign, we like to take a good look and see what they’ve come up with. Hey, they must have spent a fortune researching all kinds of customer behaviors and […]

New, related vulnerability and consolidated patch

A new vulnerability directly related to this other security issue was discovered and addressed over the last 48 hours.To learn more and address this latest vulnerability: Log into your store’s Control Panel Click on “Check for Updates” (regardless of whether you are enrolled in the Support & Updates Plan or not: security patches are always available […]

Two security vulnerabilities found: small patch available

A new patch was released to address two separate vulnerabilities that were recently found. We have no reports of successful exploits of these vulnerabilities. Download the patch now and follow the instructions in the ReadMe document to apply it to your store. This is a very small patch, and can be applied in just a few moments. […]

Security vulnerability: patch just posted

This is one of the least favorite parts of our jobs. A security vulnerability is found, and it could affect your ProductCart-powered store. It’s the kind of think that makes us sick to our stomach. This particular vulnerability is not specific to ProductCart. It takes advantage of a flaw in Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) […]

ProductCart, Peachtree, and an outsider’s thoughts on our shopping cart

Scott Wheeler at CartSpan recently worked on an integration between ProductCart and Peachtree, which makes it easy for users of our shopping cart software to automatically import Web orders into their Peachtree accounting system. This type of integration can really make a difference in your business’ daily routine, saving a tremendous amount of time and […]

Update on the release of ProductCart v4.5

At Early Impact we set many goals for ourselves and work very hard to meet them.  When we discussed ProductCart v4.5 with our developers we set a preliminary release date base on the facts that were laid out before us at that time. Which features we wanted to incorporate as well as fixing bugs & […]

Google Product Search data feed generator update

Google recently updated requirements and guidelines for submitting products to Google Shopping (Google Product Search). Specifically, they now require that merchants include unique product identifiers in their data feed (this applies to most products). They also require that merchants specify tax and shipping settings in their Google Merchant account. Read the original announcement about the […]

Professional e-commerce, easier and quicker

Setting up a professional, ProductCart-powered e-commerce store is now easier than ever. In partnership with The Small Business Authority (, we are launching a promotion that includes: Free E-commerce Hosting 3 months of free, ProductCart-optimized hosting, and no setup fees. Free Installation We’ll setup ProductCart for you, free of charge. You’ll be up and running […]

ProductCart-optimized ecommerce hosting

At Early Impact we like to focus on what we do best, which is developing quality e-commerce software (this year we are celebrating 10 years of e-commerce development!). Among the things that we don’t provide directly is Web hosting services. Yet, many customers ask us about suggestions on where to host their ProductCart-powered store. So, […]