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3 Ways to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales With Social Media

As with much of Internet Marketing, Social Media is getting more and more crowded, making it harder to stand-out from the crowd and drive traffic and sales to your website. However, there are still some well-established and proven strategies for increasing your online sales through the use of Social Media. These 3 tips below are […]

4 Pricing Strategies to Boost Profits [Infographic]

Are you trying to figure out how you can get the most out of your online sales? Here are some of the highlights from this Northwestern Study about price points and consumer behavior. There’s a lot of great information that can help you get into the mindset of your consumers and really help you see […]

Capitalize on Marketing through Pinterest with ProductCart

It is no secret that using the popular pin board website, Pinterest, is a phenomenal strategy for getting your products seen on social media, especially for retail companies. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are great for raising brand awareness and creating fans, Pinterest allows the consumer to bookmark specific products of yours to their personal […]

Introducing Unlimited, Customizable Product Detail Pages

We recently talked about the ProductCart v5 One Page Checkout system, and with good reason!  The One Page Checkout system has an incredibly important job helping customers place orders, so it is no wonder that most merchants focus solely on the checkout system while evaluating shopping cart solutions.  However, there is another component that is […]


ProductCart 5 Drag and Drop Reordering

ProductCart 5 features new functionality to help you more easily organize and promote categories and products on your website. As in previous versions of ProductCart, you can adjust the default display order of products and categories — but version 5 simplifies the process with a new, intuitive Drag and Drop Reordering function.


ProductCart v5 Tabbed Product Displays

If you shop online, you’ve probably noticed many Product Pages that utilize “Tabs” to economize space and make it easier for customers to access more information without having to “scroll” up and down the page. In ProductCart v5, you now have the ability to utilize Tabs on your own Product pages in the storefront and […]

ProductCart 5 features Microdata and Open Graph markup

To improve the search engine visibility of your ProductCart powered store, and to help deliver more accurate search results to your prospective customers, ProductCart 5 includes a new feature that automatically generates structured data markup for your site’s pages.

ProductCart 5 Has Two Responsive Mobile Commerce Options. Which Mobile Solution Is Right for Your Store?

Mobile websites and mobile commerce have grown rapidly in the last few years.  With such rapid growth and the changes in technology that occurred as developers rushed to keep up, some of the buzzwords and definitions have gotten a little fuzzy.  Even seasoned web developers who specialize in mobile development sometimes disagree when it comes […]

Social Ecommerce – ProductCart Introduces a Facebook Store

Social ecommerce is a great way to sell products to your fans in a whole new platform. Fans already see your products and promotions through your posts, but now they can purchase your products right from your Facebook Business Page. You should use this opportunity to not only increase brand awareness, but increase your sales […]

ProductCart 5.0 Is Packed with Incredible Ecommerce Features

A little over a year ago, NetSource purchased ProductCart from Early Impact.  As long-time, passionate ProductCart developers, we had built many sites on the ProductCart platform for over 8 years, and we were excited about the potential already there in the shopping cart software and the existing ProductCart developer community. We had many, many ideas […]