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The 5 Musts of Running a Successful Cart Abandonment Campaign

You already know how important a Cart Abandonment Campaign can be to your bottom line, but are you sure you’re making the most of the emails you’re sending? Here are some tips for wooing those customers back to your website with a compelling message that closes the sale! 1. Don’t Send Just One Email You […]

Product Cart is Great for Downloadable Products

ProductCart is a robust, flexible Ecommerce engine perfectly suited for enterprises growing their digital download business. Scalable and full-featured, ProductCart is the perfect tool for start-ups as well as established businesses and agencies seeking secure management of digital assets.

Apps for ProductCart: a list of recently updated partner add-on’s

There are many apps for ProductCart developed in the ProductCart community. We call them “Partner Add-on’s”, to differentiate them from the add-on’s for our shopping cart software that have been developed internally here at Early Impact. Many of these apps are very popular among ProductCart users. Here is a list of apps that have been […]

Increase sales with the Mobile Commerce Add-on

Internet users are starting to buy all sorts of stuff from mobile devices. And lots of it too. A couple of billion dollars this year. $24 billion by 2015, experts say. PayPal just reported a huge increase in transactions from mobile devices. So, time to get into the game: say “hello” to the Mobile Commerce […]

Mobile Commerce Add-on BETA now available

Mobile Commerce is here! We’re excited to announce the availability of the BETA version of our new Mobile Commerce Add-on. The Mobile Commerce Add-on allows you to very quickly add a mobile-optimized storefront to your ProductCart-powered online store. Upload some additional files to your store, configure a couple of settings, and you’re done. Here is […]

Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart

Mobile Commerce is growing rapidly. While Q2 overall ecommerce sales grew 14% over the same quarter of last year, many retailers are reporting m-commerce sales growing in the triple digits, with Amazon making headlines for selling over $1 billion via mobile devices in the last 12 months. ProductCart users will soon be able to take […]

Calculating shipping charges when multiple drop-shippers are involved

One thing we’ve learned over 10 years of developing “small business” e-commerce software is that the needs of small businesses are not small at all. And rightfully so. They need and want to run a store that competes with every other online storefront, large and small. An area where things get very complex is shipping. […]

ProductCart Add-on’s: a growing family!

Growing list of ProductCart Enhancements It’s exciting to see Certified ProductCart Developers come up with more and more add-on’s for ProductCart. For example, this image handling time saver is the latest idea that Sean at Web Merchant Services came up with. For a full list, see the ProductCart Wiki. There’s no way we’ll ever be […]