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Product Cart is Great for Downloadable Products

ProductCart is a robust, flexible Ecommerce engine perfectly suited for enterprises growing their digital download business. Scalable and full-featured, ProductCart is the perfect tool for start-ups as well as established businesses and agencies seeking secure management of digital assets.

Apps for ProductCart: a list of recently updated partner add-on’s

There are many apps for ProductCart developed in the ProductCart community. We call them “Partner Add-on’s”, to differentiate them from the add-on’s for our shopping cart software that have been developed internally here at Early Impact. Many of these apps are very popular among ProductCart users. Here is a list of apps that have been […]

Increase sales with the Mobile Commerce Add-on

Internet users are starting to buy all sorts of stuff from mobile devices. And lots of it too. A couple of billion dollars this year. $24 billion by 2015, experts say. PayPal just reported a huge increase in transactions from mobile devices. So, time to get into the game: say “hello” to the Mobile Commerce […]

Mobile Commerce Add-on BETA now available

Mobile Commerce is here! We’re excited to announce the availability of the BETA version of our new Mobile Commerce Add-on. The Mobile Commerce Add-on allows you to very quickly add a mobile-optimized storefront to your ProductCart-powered online store. Upload some additional files to your store, configure a couple of settings, and you’re done. Here is […]

Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart

Mobile Commerce is growing rapidly. While Q2 overall ecommerce sales grew 14% over the same quarter of last year, many retailers are reporting m-commerce sales growing in the triple digits, with Amazon making headlines for selling over $1 billion via mobile devices in the last 12 months. ProductCart users will soon be able to take […]

Calculating shipping charges when multiple drop-shippers are involved

One thing we’ve learned over 10 years of developing “small business” e-commerce software is that the needs of small businesses are not small at all. And rightfully so. They need and want to run a store that competes with every other online storefront, large and small. An area where things get very complex is shipping. […]

ProductCart Add-on’s: a growing family!

Growing list of ProductCart Enhancements It’s exciting to see Certified ProductCart Developers come up with more and more add-on’s for ProductCart. For example, this image handling time saver is the latest idea that Sean at Web Merchant Services came up with. For a full list, see the ProductCart Wiki. There’s no way we’ll ever be […]