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Your 2015 Social E-Comm Guide

2015 is here and that means that we’ve got a new year to take a look at some new tactics to help grow our businesses. So let’s discuss some ways that you can take advantage of some Social Media tactics to gain customers.

BETA STORES WANTED! Google Trusted Stores Test Drive

Our ProductCart developers have been working directly with the Google Trusted Stores team to make ProductCart 5 storefronts integrate seamlessly with the program.  We’re excited to be ready to invite existing ProductCart store owners to participate in a Test Drive of the brand new features! If you’re not already familiar with the program, the Google […]

What’s happening in the ProductCart community?

There’s all kinds of discussions happening in the ProductCart community every week, and some of them take place on the ProductCart forums at customers that discuss ideas about how to accomplish a certain task with ProductCart; developers talking about a new extension for ProductCart; store managers suggesting improvements to a certain feature; … and […]

Get inspired by other ProductCart users

We’re excited to launch a new initiative: ProductCart Case Studies. Every month we’ll feature a ProductCart-powered store that wow’d us in one way or another. See, we spend “lots” of time doing customer service, and a great by-product of that is that we are exposed to many stores that use our ecommerce software, and that […]

Visualize before you buy: meet the Spotlight Visualizer

The best part of our job at Early Impact really is to see how companies use our ecommerce software to setup all kinds of successful online ventures. Spotlight Retail is one of those companies, with over 30 niche-oriented, ProductCart-powered stores under its belt. We recently met with Spotlight Retail’s CEO John Montague, and he pointed […]

Newly launched ProductCart-powered online stores

As many of you know, Great Online Stores is a directory of hundreds of ProductCart-powered storefronts. It’s fantastic to see all the different ways you put our e-commerce software to work, and a great source of inspiration for other ProductCart users that are looking to launch or update their existing storefront. So today we added […]

WebTappeti wins e-commerce award

An awesome-looking ProductCart-powered store recently won an e-commerce award in Italy. It’s WebTappeti (tappeto = “rug”). Congratulations to both WebTappeti and to our long-time partner NWEB for the great work on that project!