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Add Eye-Catching Slideshows to Your Store’s Standard and Mobile Home Page

One of the most exciting additions to ProductCart 5 for retailers is the ability to add an eye-catching slideshow to your Home Page, where you can feature your most popular products, latest sales, new arrivals and more. It works in your standard desktop storefront as well as your mobile storefront! If you’re feeling ambitious, you […]

One Page Checkout Overhaul: What it means to retailers and developers

ProductCart 5.0 introduces its most powerful and flexible One Page Checkout system to date.  Redesigned from the ground up, the latest One Page Checkout takes cues from industry leaders like Amazon, Gap, and Old Navy, while staying true to the core ProductCart design principles, emphasizing common-sense and usability.  Retailers will finally realize their full sales […]

ProductCart 5 Has Two Responsive Mobile Commerce Options. Which Mobile Solution Is Right for Your Store?

Mobile websites and mobile commerce have grown rapidly in the last few years.  With such rapid growth and the changes in technology that occurred as developers rushed to keep up, some of the buzzwords and definitions have gotten a little fuzzy.  Even seasoned web developers who specialize in mobile development sometimes disagree when it comes […]

Mobile E-commerce

Is Mobile E-Commerce in Your Future?

If you run a business website, it’s time to seriously consider going mobile. Mobile E-commerce, or “M-commerce,” isn’t just about ringtones or app stores anymore. In 2011, for example, Ebay mobile E-commerce accounted for $5 billion — that’s billion with a “B” — in sales, which the company expects to grow to $8 billion in […]

Why we chose PayPal for mobile checkout

Mobile commerce is getting hotter and hotter, with over $10 billion worth of products and services being purchased on mobile devices this year – according to Internet Retailer – and over 60% of shoppers saying that they are willing to buy using their phone during this upcoming, 2011 holiday season. Now, there are two main reasons why mobile shopping is […]

Mobile Commerce at work!

In the latest ProductCart case study, we took a look at Sigler Music Center, an online music store that is leveraging the ProductCart Mobile Commerce Add-on to reach musicians on the go. When we interviewed the company in preparation for the case study, they indicated that around 2% of orders are now being placed through […]

Increase sales with the Mobile Commerce Add-on

Internet users are starting to buy all sorts of stuff from mobile devices. And lots of it too. A couple of billion dollars this year. $24 billion by 2015, experts say. PayPal just reported a huge increase in transactions from mobile devices. So, time to get into the game: say “hello” to the Mobile Commerce […]

Mobile Commerce Add-on BETA now available

Mobile Commerce is here! We’re excited to announce the availability of the BETA version of our new Mobile Commerce Add-on. The Mobile Commerce Add-on allows you to very quickly add a mobile-optimized storefront to your ProductCart-powered online store. Upload some additional files to your store, configure a couple of settings, and you’re done. Here is […]

Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart

Mobile Commerce is growing rapidly. While Q2 overall ecommerce sales grew 14% over the same quarter of last year, many retailers are reporting m-commerce sales growing in the triple digits, with Amazon making headlines for selling over $1 billion via mobile devices in the last 12 months. ProductCart users will soon be able to take […]