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What Version of ProductCart is Your Store?

  It is extremely important that you are updating your ProductCart store to the latest version whenever patches and updates are available. Just like any technology, certain  applications become outdated and no longer work properly with other updated services such as payment gateways and web browsers. When our team releases a new version of ProductCart, […]

New, related vulnerability and consolidated patch

A new vulnerability directly related to this other security issue was discovered and addressed over the last 48 hours.To learn more and address this latest vulnerability: Log into your store’s Control Panel Click on “Check for Updates” (regardless of whether you are enrolled in the Support & Updates Plan or not: security patches are always available […]

Two security vulnerabilities found: small patch available

A new patch was released to address two separate vulnerabilities that were recently found. We have no reports of successful exploits of these vulnerabilities. Download the patch now and follow the instructions in the ReadMe document to apply it to your store. This is a very small patch, and can be applied in just a few moments. […]

Security vulnerability: patch just posted

This is one of the least favorite parts of our jobs. A security vulnerability is found, and it could affect your ProductCart-powered store. It’s the kind of think that makes us sick to our stomach. This particular vulnerability is not specific to ProductCart. It takes advantage of a flaw in Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) […]

Security warnings can drive customers away

What’s a security warning? Here’s an example: When answering technical support tickets, we still see this problem quite often. Merchants might not know that the problem exists because FireFox, for example, does not show a big warning like IE does (the screen shot above is from IE 8). Security warnings can definitely scare customers and […]

ProductCart update released (includes security patch)

We just released two updates for ProductCart: A “Service Pack” for ProductCart v4 We called it SP3 (since we had released two smaller updates in November). This is a cumulative update that includes all files that have been updated since the release of v4. This update also contains fixes for a couple of security issues […]

PCI Compliance Step 2: which Self Assessment Questionnaire applies to you

This is the second of a series of articles that we will publish in an attempt to make things a bit more clear when it comes to PCI Compliance. In the first article, we talked about how to find out what kind of merchant you are (the “merchant level“). Your merchant level is important because […]

PCI Compliance Step 1: Find out your merchant level

This is the first in a series of articles that we will make available in an effort to help you better understand PCI compliance, how it affects you, and how to navigate through its somewhat confusing requirements. If you’re a small business, but not a user of our ProductCart e-commerce software, read on: much of […]

Small businesses, PCI compliance, and ProductCart

I was recently interviewed by Practical eCommerce on PCI compliance. It’s a confusing topic for many. There are many areas that are unclear, even if you take the time to do your research. For example: Is this a requirement? I heard it is, but no one’s asking me about it… Is using a PA-DSS Compliant […]

ProductCart v4 Release Schedule

Today we are officially releasing ProductCart version 4, the updated, improved, and PA-DSS Compliant new version of our shopping cart software. Learn more about what’s new in ProductCart v4 ProductCart v4 is now PA-DSS Compliant Purchase ProductCart v4 The release schedule is as follows: New installations: ProductCart v4 is available now Upgrade from v3: we […]