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SEO Friendly Product Descriptions to Boost your eCommerce Sales

Writing Good Product Descriptions for SEO

What’s a “good” product description? The main goal of Google is to provide it’s users, your customers, the most relevant products based on their needs or wants, prioritizing different websites based on cues such as keywords, historical data, and overall domain authority. It’s up to a business owner, or SEO specialist, to optimize a website […]

Proven Ways to Boost Your Instagram Following

Proven Ways to Boost Your Instagram Following

With the influx of advertising on social media recently, it should come as no surprise that social media is the apex for digital advertisers. Consumers get the bulk of their information from social media as opposed to more “traditional’ means such as television or print media. Due to the massive growth in social media, especially […]

5 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Site Needs a Blog

So you are up and running with your amazing eCommerce site. You have sales and clients and things are going great, but at some point, things may start to get a bit stagnant. depending on how often you get new inventory, it is possible that things can start to get stagnant. With any website, you […]

SEO Tips: How to Optimize your Products

ProductCart has some great built-in tools to help you automatically optimize your products for indexing in search engines. Many of these tools work automatically behind the scenes for a solid base-line. Then you can take a step further for additional SEO benefits. We’ll explore both levels in this article.

SEO for E-Commerce: Long-Tail Keywords

All e-commerce company owners know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to driving website traffic and increasing revenue, but many have no idea where to start in terms of improving their SEO. SEO is comprised of a number of ongoing digital marketing activities. Here’s how to get started without feeling overwhelmed using long-tail keywords. […]

universal analytics

Using Google’s Universal Analytics Tracking Code

On April 2, 2014, Google officially released Universal Analytics, a new tracking code put in place to replace Classic Analytics. According to Google, the Classic Analytics tracking code will continue to function for two years; however, being proactive in upgrading will help ensure you don’t lose any Google Analytics data.  ProductCart 5 has added the […]

7 Tips for Improving Your Store’s Product Descriptions

You want to use the best SEO practices when writing your product descriptions. Creating compelling text will help sell your products, but writing text that search engines ‘like’ will help them show up in search results. These quick tips will improve your product’s descriptions for “saleability” as well as their search engine visibility. 1. Highlight […]

How to Succeed with Google+

When you are running an online store, your online reputation is really important not only for SEO purposes, but also for organic traffic too. If the only online presence  you have is your ecommerce store, it is likely that you are missing out on  large opportunities with social media and organic traffic.  Just like any […]

SEO is really all about value

There’s been plenty of articles written about the recent changes to the Google search algorithm (see original announcement, and this follow-up by Practical eCommerce). Honestly, it’s not even worth it to spend time worrying about the technicalities of the algorithm changes. At the end of the day, it comes down to value: do you (and […]

Google SEO Starter Guide and ProductCart

It’s the start of a new year, and it can be a good time to review what you can do to further search engine optimize your Web store. The Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is an excellent, free read… directly from the source! Put that together with a look at how you can use […]