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Streamline your shipping steps with the ProductCart-DYMO Endicia integration!

Many ProductCart merchants sell products that are well suited to shipping via the U.S. Postal Service… are you one of them? If you are sending lightweight packages to residential addresses (the “sweet spot” for the USPS), you might want to consider the time savings allowed by printing postage directly on the shipping label. Everyone knows […]

The free shipping dilemma: what’s the right order amount?

Free shipping is popular among both shoppers and merchants It is common knowledge in the ecommerce world that online shoppers have become accustomed to obtaining free shipping on their orders, at some level or another. An article recently published by Internet Retailer (Striving for free: As free shipping becomes a must-have service, retailers crunch their numbers […]

FedEx Web Services Phase II is now available!

After several months of internal development and working closely with the certification team at FedEx, we are happy to announce that Phase II of FedEx Web Services has been completed! This new integration will allow merchants that enable FedEx’s latest solution to not only provide real-time shipping rates to their customers, but also manage the […]

FedEx Web Services update

A number of things slowed us down over the past two months, but we are now really (really!) close to releasing ProductCart v4.5. Among other new features, ProductCart v4.5 will include an updated integration with FedEx, which was necessary as FedEx has been phasing out the “old” FedEx API, will complete the phase out in May of 2012, […]

Calculating shipping charges when multiple drop-shippers are involved

One thing we’ve learned over 10 years of developing “small business” e-commerce software is that the needs of small businesses are not small at all. And rightfully so. They need and want to run a store that competes with every other online storefront, large and small. An area where things get very complex is shipping. […]