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Changes to ProductCart’s Support & Updates Plan

ProductCart recently released a number of changes to our Support & Updates plan. As of March 1, 2014 the changes below are effective.

The ProductCart Support & Updates Plan… What and Why?

  Over the past few years, several customers have asked us to explain the specific terms and purpose of the Support & Updates Plan, so we decided to turn it in to a blog post. Before we talk about that however, we think it makes sense to briefly describe the different types of shopping cart […]

Learn more, sell more

Running a successful online business is no walk in the park, and sometimes it feels like you just don’t have the time you need to keep on top of everything that’s going on, from social media to search engine optimization. Reading books is too time consuming, and hiring consultants to train you might be out of budget. Practical eCommerce […]

New, related vulnerability and consolidated patch

A new vulnerability directly related to this other security issue was discovered and addressed over the last 48 hours.To learn more and address this latest vulnerability: Log into your store’s Control Panel Click on “Check for Updates” (regardless of whether you are enrolled in the Support & Updates Plan or not: security patches are always available […]

Two security vulnerabilities found: small patch available

A new patch was released to address two separate vulnerabilities that were recently found. We have no reports of successful exploits of these vulnerabilities. Download the patch now and follow the instructions in the ReadMe document to apply it to your store. This is a very small patch, and can be applied in just a few moments. […]

Security vulnerability: patch just posted

This is one of the least favorite parts of our jobs. A security vulnerability is found, and it could affect your ProductCart-powered store. It’s the kind of think that makes us sick to our stomach. This particular vulnerability is not specific to ProductCart. It takes advantage of a flaw in Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) […]

Speeding up your ecommerce store

Studies have shown that a faster page loading time will lead to visitors spending more time on your Web site (i.e. browsing more pages) and converting into customers at a faster rate. This retailer, for example, found that conversion rates were dropping by 7% for each additional second it took to load a page. There […]

SEO is really all about value

There’s been plenty of articles written about the recent changes to the Google search algorithm (see original announcement, and this follow-up by Practical eCommerce). Honestly, it’s not even worth it to spend time worrying about the technicalities of the algorithm changes. At the end of the day, it comes down to value: do you (and […]

Store traffic, 404 errors, and Google Webmaster Tools

All of us running a Web site, whether it’s an ecommerce store or not, have one objective in mind: bringing people there, and making sure they have a good experience when they do come. A “Page Not Found” is a classic example of what you don’t want: somebody is visiting, yet you’re not there. What […]