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9 Marketing Tips for Your Online Store

Having an online store is an accomplishment in itself. Whether you started as a brick and mortar or just introduced your brand and products to the world, having an E-Commerce store will take your business to the next level. However, achieving your business goals will take some effort on your part, and marketing is the […]

Problem with Early Impact domain name

There was a problem with the main domain name this morning (03.11.11). The domain name became “expired”, and the name servers were reset to the domain registration company ( This caused all domain names that use “” (including our support system and ProductCart WIKI) to no longer be accessible. The issue was fixed around […]

Google SEO Starter Guide and ProductCart

It’s the start of a new year, and it can be a good time to review what you can do to further search engine optimize your Web store. The Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is an excellent, free read… directly from the source! Put that together with a look at how you can use […]

Increase sales with the Mobile Commerce Add-on

Internet users are starting to buy all sorts of stuff from mobile devices. And lots of it too. A couple of billion dollars this year. $24 billion by 2015, experts say. PayPal just reported a huge increase in transactions from mobile devices. So, time to get into the game: say “hello” to the Mobile Commerce […]

Visualize before you buy: meet the Spotlight Visualizer

The best part of our job at Early Impact really is to see how companies use our ecommerce software to setup all kinds of successful online ventures. Spotlight Retail is one of those companies, with over 30 niche-oriented, ProductCart-powered stores under its belt. We recently met with Spotlight Retail’s CEO John Montague, and he pointed […]