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ProductCart v5 Tabbed Product Displays

If you shop online, you’ve probably noticed many Product Pages that utilize “Tabs” to economize space and make it easier for customers to access more information without having to “scroll” up and down the page. In ProductCart v5, you now have the ability to utilize Tabs on your own Product pages in the storefront and […]

Social Ecommerce – ProductCart Introduces a Facebook Store

Social ecommerce is a great way to sell products to your fans in a whole new platform. Fans already see your products and promotions through your posts, but now they can purchase your products right from your Facebook Business Page. You should use this opportunity to not only increase brand awareness, but increase your sales […]

ProductCart 5.0 Is Packed with Incredible Ecommerce Features

A little over a year ago, NetSource purchased ProductCart from Early Impact.  As long-time, passionate ProductCart developers, we had built many sites on the ProductCart platform for over 8 years, and we were excited about the potential already there in the shopping cart software and the existing ProductCart developer community. We had many, many ideas […]

ProductCart v4.7 preview: see what’s new in our shopping cart software

We’ve been working on ProductCart v4.7 for quite some time. We thought we’d be able to release it a couple of months ago, but then – as it often happens in software development – we decided to work on it a bit and take care of some more “to do’s”. Well, it’s almost time to […]

The ProductCart Support & Updates Plan… What and Why?

  Over the past few years, several customers have asked us to explain the specific terms and purpose of the Support & Updates Plan, so we decided to turn it in to a blog post. Before we talk about that however, we think it makes sense to briefly describe the different types of shopping cart […]

AddThis integration in ProductCart v4.5: a handy little feature

A handy, little feature in v4.5 of our shopping cart software is the AddThis integration. It makes it easy for you to add social networking icons to your store, letting visitors share those pages on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Here’s a screencast on how to use this feature. AddThis is a free, […]

Introducing the Sales Manager for ProductCart v4.5

One of the most important new features introduced with ProductCart v4.5 is the Sales Manager. The idea was to make it really quick and easy for a store manager to: Pick products in the store catalog Put them on sale Start & stop the sale Keep an archive of all pending, running, and completed sales […]

ProductCart v4.5 starts shipping today

Today we started shipping ProductCart v4.5 to new customers. The ProductCart v4.5 Update for existing customers should be available on Monday (we’re doing some final testing on the update script to make sure everything works right!). We’re excited about ProductCart 4.5 (… and apologize for the delay in making it available to you!). From an updated […]

FedEx Web Services update

A number of things slowed us down over the past two months, but we are now really (really!) close to releasing ProductCart v4.5. Among other new features, ProductCart v4.5 will include an updated integration with FedEx, which was necessary as FedEx has been phasing out the “old” FedEx API, will complete the phase out in May of 2012, […]

New, related vulnerability and consolidated patch

A new vulnerability directly related to this other security issue was discovered and addressed over the last 48 hours.To learn more and address this latest vulnerability: Log into your store’s Control Panel Click on “Check for Updates” (regardless of whether you are enrolled in the Support & Updates Plan or not: security patches are always available […]