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SEO Tips: How to Optimize your Products

ProductCart has some great built-in tools to help you automatically optimize your products for indexing in search engines. Many of these tools work automatically behind the scenes for a solid base-line. Then you can take a step further for additional SEO benefits. We’ll explore both levels in this article.

universal analytics

Using Google’s Universal Analytics Tracking Code

On April 2, 2014, Google officially released Universal Analytics, a new tracking code put in place to replace Classic Analytics. According to Google, the Classic Analytics tracking code will continue to function for two years; however, being proactive in upgrading will help ensure you don’t lose any Google Analytics data.  ProductCart 5 has added the […]

ProductCart 5 features Microdata and Open Graph markup

To improve the search engine visibility of your ProductCart powered store, and to help deliver more accurate search results to your prospective customers, ProductCart 5 includes a new feature that automatically generates structured data markup for your site’s pages.

7 Tips for Improving Your Store’s Product Descriptions

You want to use the best SEO practices when writing your product descriptions. Creating compelling text will help sell your products, but writing text that search engines ‘like’ will help them show up in search results. These quick tips will improve your product’s descriptions for “saleability” as well as their search engine visibility. 1. Highlight […]

How to Succeed with Google+

When you are running an online store, your online reputation is really important not only for SEO purposes, but also for organic traffic too. If the only online presence  you have is your ecommerce store, it is likely that you are missing out on  large opportunities with social media and organic traffic.  Just like any […]