Bing, cashback, and ProductCart

Written by NetSource Commerce

Microsoft recently announced that it is stopping the cashback program on Bing (see the cashback discontinuation FAQs here). Apparently, they are working on another program for merchants to push products on Bing. They have not provided a lot of information on that yet.

As far as we are concerned:

  • We did not see a high rate of adoption for Bing cashback by ProductCart-powered stores, so not many of you should be affected by this discontinuation.
  • Microsoft has introduced a bunch of cool and innovative features in Bing (e.g. have you tried the sports videos search?), so we are eager to see what they’ll come up to replace cashback.
  • For now, we are going to leave things “as is” in ProductCart. Just ignore the cashback export feature. We will update that feature when the specifications for the new program become available (assuming there will be some sort of bulk upload feature in the new system).

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