What Version of ProductCart is Your Store?

Written by NetSource Commerce



It is extremely important that you are updating your ProductCart store to the latest version whenever patches and updates are available. Just like any technology, certain  applications become outdated and no longer work properly with other updated services such as payment gateways and web browsers. When our team releases a new version of ProductCart, we include both essential updates as well as feature updates.  What is the best way to keep your ProductCart store safe?

ProductCart is currently supporting patches for stores using v4.5 and above. If you are using a version of ProductCart that is before version 4.5,  your online ProductCart store could have security risks.

Hackers are continually getting smarter and stronger at breaking into your online stores. When ProductCart was first released, there was no way to anticipate just exactly how hackers might attack stores in 2014. But, as hackers grow stronger, we improve ProductCart to protect you from these types of break-ins.  In addition, sometimes the security risk is part of third-party software that you are connected to through ProductCart – payment gateways, shipping providers, label services, email marketing, and more.  Sometimes our programmers need to update APIs and interfaces with these providers whenever their programming has been updated for security reasons.

On top of updating your ecommerce store, you should enroll in our Support & Updates plan.  When you enroll in our Supports & Updates plan, you will have full access to our support team and free upgrades of your ProductCart software. All support issues are handled in-house by our ProductCart developers and support team. We also release all of our security patches through our updates plan. Enrolling in our yearly subscription grants you rights to every patch we release for ProductCart.  Again, if you elect not to enroll, your store could be as risk.

Enroll in our Support & Updates plan now!


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