Time for an official Early Impact blog

Aren’t we a little late to the game? Yep.

The reason why we didn’t start earlier is that blogs are only useful if they are often, accurately updated. Which takes time. And time is pretty scarce at Early Impact, believe me (in fact, I am totally ashamed for the fact that I have not posted to my blog in ages).

But… we have a problem:

  • Not everyone subscribes to our newsletters
  • Among those that do, only about 30% actually read them according to our MailUp statistics
  • We really do want our customers, partners, and prospects to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with our products and services.
  • Spam filters, overcrowded inboxes, general e-mail overload might be to blame.

So… time for an official Early Impact blog.

And we can start Twittering too, if you want.

See you around here soon.

Early Impact, Inc.

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