ProductCart v4 receives PA-DSS validation

Written by NetSource Commerce

ProductCart v4, our upcoming new release, is PA-DSS Compliant. This is an important achievement, which validates all the work we have done over the years to make ProductCart compliant with PCI security standards.

The PA-DSS Compliant status of ProductCart v4 will help ProductCart-powered merchants demonstrate PCI compliance, when needed.

For more information on PA-DSS, ProductCart, and PCI compliance, please see:

For frequently asked questions about PCI compliance, go to the PCI Security Standards Web site and click on the FAQ link located in the left-side navigation. You many also want to contact your merchant account provider for more specific requirements that might be in place for your business.

NOTE: Listing of ProductCart v4 in the section of the PCI Security Standards Web site that includes PA-DSS Compliant payment applications may take a few weeks. In case you need proof of the validation we received by the PCI Council, contact us and we will send you a copy of the letter (which is dated 10/10/2009).

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