ProductCart Add-on’s: a growing family!

Written by NetSource Commerce

Growing list of ProductCart Enhancements
It’s exciting to see Certified ProductCart Developers come up with more and more add-on’s for ProductCart. For example, this image handling time saver is the latest idea that Sean at Web Merchant Services came up with.

For a full list, see the ProductCart Wiki.

There’s no way we’ll ever be able to fit every smart feature you and us can think of into ProductCart, so we absolutely welcome the efforts of other developers/designers that come up with good enhancements for our e-commerce software.

Biz Opportunity: Ready-to-Go Store Designs
In fact: hey, designers out there… lots of people ask us for ready-to-go, professionally designed store interfaces to use with ProductCart. It comes up all the time. That’s a business opportunity that no one has jumped on yet.

The business model is a proven one:

  • Fairly cheap price for non-exclusive use of the design (typically $50 to $200)
  • Much higher price for exclusive use
  • Services provided as needed, on an hourly basis (e.g. buyer needs help with tweaking the CSS)

As you know, at Early Impact we have no interest at all in competing with our resellers, so this is not a service that we will provide. You should 🙂

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