ProductCart v4.1 preview: Endicia integration

Written by NetSource Commerce

ProductCart merchants that use the United States Postal Service for some or all of their shipments will appreciate the new integration with the Endicia service, which is part of the upcoming v4.1 of our shopping cart software.

Activating Endicia takes only a couple of minutes and can be done directly from the ProductCart Control Panel. Once active, the integration between your ecommerce store and Endicia will provide the following features:

  • Calculate postage for a specific shipment, including special, configurable options such as shipment insurance (the customer preferences for the shipment are automatically transferred over to the Shipping Wizard, where you can review and edit them, if needed).
  • Print a label that includes postage (i.e. that label is all you need for the shipment)
  • Handle partial shipments (e.g. ship some products now, others later)
  • Cancel a shipment and request a refund
  • Add funds to your Endicia account (from which postage charges are deducted), right from ProductCart.

The cost of the service is $15/month (you will be billed directly by Endicia), plus the cost of the actual postage (that’s just a pass-through of the USPS postage charges).

This is the kind of tool that can provide substantial productivity gains and we hope it does save you time, money, and headaches. ProductCart v4.1 will be released this week.

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