ProductCart 5.4 Release Brings New Features
ProductCart v5.4 release is here!

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Version 5.4 Upgrades and New Features

ProductCart continues its dedication to our customers and their success. With that in mind, we are proud and excited to announce the new features and updates with the release of ProductCart v5.4! This update makes our ecommerce software more user-friendly for both business owners and online shoppers.

Added Payment Method Option

While many payment options are already available with ProductCart, the popular Stripe payment method is also now included as a standard available payment integration in the version 5.4 update.

Page Speed and Performance

Another upgrade is re-factored code for faster page loading and search performance for both customer-facing pages and in the admin control panel. Admin pages also load in a more user-friendly manner and are easier to navigate through.

Promo Engine Addition

This is the “main course” of the ProductCart v5.4 update! Discount codes (coupons) and the sales manager have been replaced by an all-new functionality that allows clients more effective combinations of promotions. Our Promo Engine includes options for BOGO and Buy More, Save More discounts. With virtually no limits to the number of sales you can create in your ecommerce site you can wow your customers and have better control of offered sales and discounts than ever before!

Other new features in ProductCart 5.4 include:

  • The ability for customers to send their shopping cart to others via email.
  • Improved control panel pages to make better use of screen space for organization of information.
  • New registration and log in layout to clarify use of advanced security CAPTCHA elements during the new registration and log in process.
  • Google Tag Manager updates for the latest Google functionality.
  • Enhanced customer account consolidation, which includes the ability to consolidate guest account information and orders under a single email address.  
  • Sales Tax API and Interface integration to save time and eliminate the hassle of managing tax tables for state sales tax requirements by automating the process (*subscription required).
  • Notify your customers when an out-of-stock item is back in stock with an automated email.

Sound like we have what you need?

Whether you are interested in upgrading to the latest version of ProductCart, or are brand new to ProductCart and interested in all our new ProductCart v5.4 release has to offer—connect with our eCommerce experts today! We’re ready to get you started on your ProductCart journey to eCommerce success!

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