Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart

Written by NetSource Commerce

Mobile Commerce is growing rapidly. While Q2 overall ecommerce sales grew 14% over the same quarter of last year, many retailers are reporting m-commerce sales growing in the triple digits, with Amazon making headlines for selling over $1 billion via mobile devices in the last 12 months.

ProductCart users will soon be able to take advantage of this trend. This month (August, 2010) we began development of a Mobile Commerce Add-on for ProductCart, and we are keeping the project small (on purpose) to deliver it to you by the busy fourth quarter.

Here are some initial specifications for the project, so you can start getting an idea of what’s coming:

  • Ready before busy shopping season: BETA available by the end of September, 2010
  • Quick shopping experience: find, add, checkout
  • Easily browse through search results
  • Checkout strictly through PayPal Mobile Checkout, to start (PayPal Express Checkout for mobile devices: quick and easy checkout)

Build To Order products will not be supported in this initial version due to the complexity of displaying the configuration page effectively on a mobile device. We’ll try our best to support Apparel products. We’ll see how it goes.

We’ll keep you updated and will look for early adopters that want to start testing it as soon as a BETA is available (contact us if you want to be on list of BETA testers).

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