Get inspired by other ProductCart users

We’re excited to launch a new initiative: ProductCart Case Studies. Every month we’ll feature a ProductCart-powered store that wow’d us in one way or another.

Case Studies

See, we spend “lots” of time doing customer service, and a great by-product of that is that we are exposed to many stores that use our ecommerce software, and that we might otherwise never hear of.

Sometimes, while we’re hunting down a bug or trying to figure out why payment gateway XYZ is misbehaving, we stop and go “wow, this is cool!“. But… we didn’t have a way to share that with the rest of the ProductCart community.

So, there we go: ProductCart Case Studies, a new way to share with everyone attention-grabbing ecommerce stores that use our shopping cart software.

What we do is to send the store manager (or a reseller/developer that is working with them) a list of questions, then publish them together with some comments by members of our team. Check out the first two case studies:

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