Take a first look at ProductCart v4.5

Written by NetSource Commerce

We’re getting closer to a new release of our shopping cart software: ProductCart v4.5

We thought it’d be a good idea to setup a test store where you can take a first look. As you do so, remember that this is a BETA of ProductCart v4.5. There are still several things that we are working on, from fine-tuning the brand-new Sales Manager, to updating the Google Product Search data feed generator for compatibility with its latest requirements, … and several other “to do” items.

Sales Manager
Among other new features, ProductCart v4.5 includes a partially redesigned Control Panel interface, which is cleaner and easier to read. Some cool new charts right on the start page give you an instant snapshot of how things are going. We hope you like it.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working hard finishing up this exciting new release. If you have time to check out the pre-release test store and provide feedback – especially on the new Sales Manager – we’ll definitely appreciate it!
Here is a partial list of some of the new features in ProductCart v4.5
  • Sales Manager: create, start, stop, archive flexible sales on select products. NOTE: this feature requires a MS SQL database. Not available for stores that use MS Access.
  • New Early Impact Payment Gateway: in partnership with a leading payment service provider, the EI Gateway features:
    • Three-Step-Redirect, a patented system that substantially reduces PCI compliance requirements as your store is no longer considered a payment application.
    • PCI-compliant credit card storage vault, which enables advanced features such as allowing customers to securely save their credit card for future purchases.
    • More information on the EI Gateway coming very soon!
  • AddThis integration: support for this useful social sharing tool is now built-in.


  • Google Analytics integration: Google Analytics is now built-in. Just enter the site profile ID and you’re done.
  • Enable/Disable shipping options: you can now enable/disable individual shipping options rather than only having the option to remove them when not in use.
  • New shipping settings: the store administrator can now specify whether the estimated delivery time should be shown, and whether customers can specify the address type (residential vs. commercial).
  • Over 220 other improvements: dozens of interface and feature improvements both in the Control Panel and in the storefront. Over 220 improvements and bug fixes have been tracked during the development of ProductCart v4.5.

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