Update on the release of ProductCart v4.5

Written by NetSource Commerce

At Early Impact we set many goals for ourselves and work very hard to meet them.  When we discussed ProductCart v4.5 with our developers we set a preliminary release date base on the facts that were laid out before us at that time. Which features we wanted to incorporate as well as fixing bugs & security issues.  If everything went as planned, ProductCart v4.5 would be available for download today; however does anything ever go as planned in the software development world? Due to many different circumstances and the importance of releasing a stable version, we have revised the release date to the first week in September. This is a date that we feel confident version 4.5 will be a stable release. 

One of main factors of this delay is the FedEx Web Services Migration. FedEx is retiring their FedEx API and transitioning to FedEx Web Services. This is not a minor change for ProductCart and we are working closely with FedEx so that we can complete “Phase 1” of our integration with the new FedEx Web Services in the v4.5 release. This phase will be the new integration with FedEx Shipping Rates (that customers see during checkout). After the release of v4.5 we will then continue to work on “Phase 2”, which will add the ability to print FedEx Shipping labels under the FedEx Web Services.

We do have a bit of good news for our resellers though! We should have a pre-release version of 4.5 the last week of July.  This will allow ample time to work with the new code while we are still running quality assurance testing and fixing bugs that we run into. 

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