Introducing the Sales Manager for ProductCart v4.5

Written by NetSource Commerce

One of the most important new features introduced with ProductCart v4.5 is the Sales Manager. The idea was to make it really quick and easy for a store manager to:

  • Pick products in the store catalog
  • Put them on sale
  • Start & stop the sale
  • Keep an archive of all pending, running, and completed sales
  • Make it easy for store visitors to find products that are on sale

Here’s a screencast that shows you how it all works.

So, to prepare for running a sale.

  • Create a small icon that will be shown next to the price where products are shown
  • Come up with a name and a description for the sale. The description can contain HTML.
  • Prepare some links (text and/or images) to make the sale visible (e.g. a colorful graphic for the home page).
  • Use the friendly Wizard to create and run the sale!

We hope you like this new feature and certainly look forward to your feedback.

For more information on the Sales Manager, please refer to the ProductCart documentation.

Stay tuned for more screencasts introducing what’s new in the latest version of our shopping cart software! [Follow us on Twitter to be notified when there’s something of interest to ProductCart users]

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