What’s happening in the ProductCart community?

Written by NetSource Commerce

There’s all kinds of discussions happening in the ProductCart community every week, and some of them take place on the ProductCart forums at http://www.earlyimpact.com/forum/

  • customers that discuss ideas about how to accomplish a certain task with ProductCart;
  • developers talking about a new extension for ProductCart;
  • store managers suggesting improvements to a certain feature;
  • … and lots more!

There’s a lot to learn and a lot that you can contribute as well, and the forums are moderated by Early Impact staff, so spam is (almost immediately) removed and suggestions/requests are heard (they can’t always become part of the development roadmap, but they are definitely taken into account).

Now, if you want a quick way to stay turned to what’s happening in the ProductCart community, here’s two simple ways to do so.

  1. Bookmark this page: http://www.earlyimpact.com/forum/active_topics.asp?AT=14
    It will take you to a summary of active topics in the last 7 days, organized by category. Here’s an example of how that page would look

productcart forum last 7 days

  1. Subscribe to the RSS feed from the ProductCart forum, with your favorite RSS feed reader. For example, in the screen shot below the feed is added to a MyYahoo home page. You can find the RSS feed button in the top-right corner of the ProductCart forum (the orange “RSS” button visible also in the screen shot above).

productcart forum feed

See you on the ProductCart forums!

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