Changes to ProductCart’s Support & Updates Plan

ProductCart recently released a number of changes to our Support & Updates plan. As of March 1, 2014 the changes below are effective.

1. The “Updates Only” plan will no longer be offered

2. Renewal fees for carts with a Support & Updates plan will be $295.00 per year ($395 with a $100 discount for renewing)

3. No discount will be applied for carts that let their plan expire or lapse

Why  should you enroll in our Support & Updates plan?

If you are not enrolled in our plan, you could be putting your store in a big security risk. Gateways are constantly updating their services, which then requires ProductCart to release “patches” for any changes made. If you are not enrolled, you will not receive the files to update your store. With our support plans, you get a years worth of  ProductCart staff support tickets. Support tickets cover  issues such as questions for functionality of your store, most bugs, and issues with 3rd party installations. Our team is the company that developed ProductCart, and we are the best ones to work on it. Also, you are eligible to continuously upgrade your store to the latest version of our software for free.


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