ProductCart is great for downloadable products


A large amount of ProductCart stores rely heavily on our software to sell their downloadable products or digital goods. If you are looking for an easy and successful way to deliver your digital products to your customers, ProductCart is the solution for you. Our ProductCart developers are experts in this field for one simple reason: we sell our downloadable products online using our own software. We understand what is necessary to successfully execute this type of online transaction.

One major concern for store owners is their products being shared illegally to those who have not paid for your products. ProductCart protects your company from unauthorized downloads and unauthorized use after someone has downloaded your product. ProductCart uses barriers such as License Keys and Serial Numbers to help protect your property.

Hidden Download Link

A hidden download link is used on the server-side to hold the file in a virtual location while the file is being downloaded. This is to prevent any user from identifying where the actual location of the file or files is. Hackers can use this information to identify your products location and manipulate your server to extract these files, so this “virtual” download link is powerful protection.

Expiring Download Links

Also, the download link provided to customers has an expiration on it, so after “x” amount of days, the download link will no longer be active. Even if a customer attempts to try the download link after the set date, the download process will not start. Placing expiration on your product is a second barrier if someone illegally shares your download link; limiting the amount of times your product is exposed.

Serial Number or License Delivery

A secure way to ensure your downloadable products are not being freely passed around is to add a required license key. You can use the  Downloadable Products Module to generate license information and prevent unauthorized downloads of your products. Our developers understand that every store is going to have different needs and requirements, so we made it as flexible as possible to accommodate every store.

Unlimited Products & Categories

Unlike other ecommerce solutions, ProductCart gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of products and categories for your store. Our team understands that digital products can add up quickly for a store. We want to give you the appropriate resources to succeed, not limit your product scope.

If you have any questions about the Downloadable Products Module, or whether ProductCart is right for you, call us at 1.800.804.1640. Whatever your product is, our software is right for you.

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