Smart content management in ProductCart v4.1

Have you already taken advantage of ProductCart’s content management features? If not, this is a good time to get more familiar with Content Pages, as they have been expanded and improved in version 4.1. Let’s take a look.

Save a draft, publish later
In ProductCart v4.1 you can create a new content page and save it as a draft. Drafts are not visible in the storefront, and can reviewed, edited, and published later.

Save changes to a live page as a draft
Sometimes you need to make changes to a content page, but don’t want to alter the live page until you’re done. No problem, in ProductCart v4.1 you can save your changes to a draft, while the live page remains unedited. When you’re done, you can turn the draft into the live page with one click.

Content Management

Drafts and users with limited access
If a store administrator who does not have publishing rights edits a live page, the changes are automatically saved to a draft. The live page is not affected until a store administrator with publishing rights reviews them and makes them live. More control and more flexibility.

More about Content Pages
Learn more about the many content management features in ProductCart v4.1

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