ProductCart Support Options

Because ProductCart is so versatile and customizable, you may encounter some difficulties in setting up your ProductCart store if you decide to tackle customizations on your own. However, ProductCart offers a large array of support options to help solve any issues you encounter. Below is a full description of technical support and other resources available to the ProductCart community.

1. ProductCart Wiki

ProductCart’s Wiki is going to serve as your go-to solution for any problem you run into. Located on the Wiki is the following:

  • User Guides (Installation, Integration with your website, Add-On set ups, etc.)
  • Skill Requirements
  • Security Recommendations
  • Product Management
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Shipping & Payment Options
  • And any other topic of ProductCart interest

The ProductCart Wiki is updated constantly by NetSource Technologies staff and other members of the ProductCart community. There is also information on Third-Party Add-On’s  that are available.

2. ProductCart Support Forum

Just like any other Support Forum, it is a great place to post questions and look for answered questions. Our support forum is very active and it is not unlikely that you will promptly receive an answer from a NetSource Staff member or one of our Certified ProductCart Developers in the same day. If you have a question, you may even find that some other ProductCart user has run into the same difficulties, and you can read through the solutions already in the forum.

3. Developer’s Corner

Again, one of the best features about ProductCart is that is can be completely customized to represent your brand and store. Located in our Developer’s Corner is a list of some of the customizations that are available to your cart. However, we do suggest that you review these guidelines before you begin to edit any of the ProductCart source code.

4. Tutorials

We wanted to create a way to help guide you in running a successful ecommerce store, so our team has generated a list of tutorials and video tutorials to help you build and run a store. Some topics include: How to Sell Online and ProductCart Sales Manager.

Here is a link to our YouTube channel for all of our video tutorials:

5. Support & Updates Plan

Our Technical Support and Updates plan is always handled directly by our staff, never outsourced. We take pride in the speed and quality of our technical support we offer.  With the purchase of our yearly plan you will receive 24 support tickets per year; most users never get close to this number. You will also receive software updates for free as long as your subscription plan is active. To purchase the updates plan, click here. If you choose not to purchase the Supports and Updates plan, you will still receive the same benefit for the first 30 days after purchasing your software.

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