Social Ecommerce – ProductCart Introduces a Facebook Store

Social ecommerce is a great way to sell products to your fans in a whole new platform. Fans already see your products and promotions through your posts, but now they can purchase your products right from your Facebook Business Page. You should use this opportunity to not only increase brand awareness, but increase your sales opportunities.  Facebook has over one billion users who could potentially be your customers.

What are some great benefits of having a Facebook store through ProductCart?

  • When you open a Facebook store through your ProductCart admin, you can easily manage, track, and process your orders right at your ProductCart Dashboard.
  • No extra work is required after the store is set up and turned on.
  • There are also no additional listing or selling fees (like on ebay or with some other shopping carts); all the money you make from Facebook is yours to keep.
  • It’s FREE with your upgrade or purchase of ProductCart 5

Opening a Facebook store will help you stand out from the crowd. Your Facebook Fans can easily share your products with their friends and family. You can use photos and posts to attract customers to your Facebook page and encourage them to purchase without having to leave Facebook.

What to expect

After you set up your Facebook store, a new tab will be displayed on your Facebook Business Page.

Fans can now easily purchase products right from your page without leaving Facebook.

What does your Facebook Store look like?

You have two options for setting up your Facebook Store.  You can either decide to leave your store with the Default Display Settings or completely customize how you want your Facebook store to look.

Pictured above is ProductCart’s Facebook store using the default settings, displayed by category with a thumbnail. If you want to customize your store, you can change the way your categories, products, and product descriptions are displayed.

Now that you’ve decided how your Facebook store will look, you’ll want to be sure that everyone knows your store is now open.

Write up a post and/or blog article letting your customers know that they can now purchase your items on Facebook. Try running a contest or promotion on Facebook that encourages people to purchase from your store.  A great suggestion is to extend exclusive offers and promotional coupons that link directly to your Facebook store.

Track and measure your results to see how they compare to your other ads. The more people who know about your store, the greater chance you have at making a sale.

Facebook integration is just one of the many great features that ProductCart is rolling out with version 5.0. Be on the look out for more!


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