eCommerce Trends to Watch for in 2019

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2018 is coming to a close and 2019 is creeping ever closer. For some, this is has been a “down” year when it comes to eCommerce business, but the winds are shifting and if these trends are any indication as to how 2019 will go, then I say the skies are blue and eCommerce is coming up roses!

The Rise Of Mobile Shopping

Shopping from mobile devices has been on the rise for a while now, but plan to see it really take off in 2019. People are busy, and love to multi-task! More and more people are turning to their cell phones to support their shopping habits while out and about.  Browsing the shops during morning or afternoon commutes is becoming increasingly popular. So when it comes to your eCommerce business, you want to make sure you harness the power of mobile! This means making sure your site is mobile friendly and optimized for online purchases.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is big now and only continuing to grow in 2019. Content marketing through blogging helps built a rapport with your clients and potential clients making them more likely to return to you for their shopping needs. While blogs aren’t always directly related to sales, they are directly related to brand awareness and trust. If a consumer knows your brand’s name, and sees that you are a trustworthy company then they will want to spend their hard earned money with you.

The Rise of Educated Consumers

The way consumers approach the marketplace is changing. No longer are they solely searching for the lowest price.. consumers in 2019 are more focused than ever on ethics in branding. That means they are looking to see that they share the same moral values with the companies that they are purchasing from. Many want to see attempts to be more eco-friendly and cruelty free. As an eCommerce owner you can harness this trend in 2019 by giving back! Use your blog and/or social media to share your favorite charitable organizations with your followers. You can also change up your mission statement so consumers can see where you stand on certain ( non-controversial) issues that will make them more likely to shop with you over your competitors. Companies with heart! These are what consumers want in 2019!

Influencer Marketing Boom

We have spoken about this before, but in 2019 Influencer marketing will only continue to grow. People “know” “love” and trust their favorite YouTuber or blogger. They feel connected to that person they follow in Instagram, and today that connection is everything! Influencer marketing is a booming 2 Billion dollar business! With a higher ROI than traditional marketing, this cost effective method of marketing is something that will be greatly beneficial to eCommerce shops from 2019 onward.

The Power of the Subscription

Have you noticed that there seems to be a subscription based service for everything now a days? There is literally a service for everyone and everything. People are loving subscription services, and if you have a product that can be packaged into a service it is time to jump on this trend. While you may have to offer a discount overall to draw people in, you will in turn create return customers monthly!

What 2019 eCommerce trends are you most looking forward to getting in on this year?


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