eCommerce Retargeting: Make the Most of Your Business

It’s one thing to have an enticing website that generates leads, but it’s another thing to convert those leads into loyal customers. For eCommerce businesses, the ability to encourage visitors to come back to your website and complete a purchase is crucial.

There’s only so much you can do to market yourself effectively online, so it’s important that you retarget your audience. Retargeting, or remarketing, is a technology based on cookies that will target your visitors as they explore different sites across the Web. To get the most out of your retargeting efforts, remember these tips:

eCommerce Retargeting: Make the Most of Your Business

Reach the Right Audience

Identifying the visitors who are most likely to make a purchase from your eCommerce is no easy task. There are several factors you need to consider when deciding who gets to see your retargeting ads, including number of previous purchases and how long ago they visited the site. Make sure that you pay equal attention to visitors who haven’t bought anything yet and your most engaged customers. That way, you’ll balance the number of new customers with repeat patrons.

Don’t Rely on It to Increase Traffic

Retargeting is a powerful tool to boost conversions from your site, but it won’t holistically improve your business. Remember that your content marketing strategies are just as important. Using blogs, social media, paid ads, and print media are all equally important to building your brand’s reputation because that’s what generates leads and traffic. Retargeting won’t increase new visits to your site. Use it as one part of your strategy and don’t think that it alone will change your business overnight.

Create a Rewards Program

The best way to keep customers is to incentivize them from the get-go. Having loyalty programs, coupons, limited sales and specials will ensure that customers keep coming back. Remarketing ads are a great platform to advertise these offers to your most committed customers. Think of all of the brick and mortar stores; they all have some type of rewards-based system. Mirror that in your eCommerce platform, and you’ll see the same success.


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