Why ASP is here to stay.

The development of new technology is moving quicker than ever. With so many new versions of Internet Information Servers (IISs), programming languages and operating systems being released, you may be wondering why ProductCart still uses ASP as its language of choice.

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Here at ProductCart, usability is our number one priority. We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to update our product and improve user experience. While many new languages and .NET technologies have come and gone over the past 15 years, we have watched ASP remain constant and strong, and here is why:

  • ASP is supported with all currently supported versions of IIS. This means that both ASP and IIS support lifetimes are tied to the the support life cycle of the host operating system.
  • The earliest that Classic ASP would be completely unsupported is October 14, 2025, but many Microsoft higher-ups have indicated it will be available indefinitely.
  • Although Microsoft doesn’t release updates for Classic ASP, the system is so stable and mature, it doesn’t require any. The same is true of .NET v4.5.1 and below.

The opportunity for us to migrate to .NET technologies was presented many years ago, but had we gone that route, we’d be using abandoned .NET tech today. The .NET web forms we built with update panels and Microsoft AJAX pale in comparison to the HTML produced by ProductCart v5. MVC also got phased out in recent years, and they’re currently working on .NET Core and combining MGC with Web API.

While ASP has worked extremely well for us as a programming language, there are other areas we have been able to improve upon with new technologies. In v5 we introduced Angular.js and in v5.2 we’re using .NET encryption libraries. In these cases, we have leveraged the best available technologies to improve the user experience and security, making ProductCart a better platform for our customers.

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There will always be new, hot and trendy programming languages on the market; for example, Ruby has become extremely popular on the West Coast. However, trends come and go, and we feel it is more important to provide our users with a system that is stable, reliable, and won’t become obsolete any time soon. Even some of our top competitors use Classic ASP, and the CEO of PayPal said they were taking the same approach we were, and moving toward a hybrid application.

As we continue to develop new versions of ProductCart and look for technological upgrades to improve user experience, we will always keep an eye out for new opportunities. However, at this time, we have never encountered a scenario where ASP has prevented us from taking care of a customer. From a support standpoint, we are also extremely familiar with ASP, and can provide affordable support should any problems arise.

For  more information about ProductCart systems, visit our website. You can also find helpful information about our latest version, ProductCart v5.2 in this blog post.



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