Store design and ProductCart: you’re in control!

We just updated one of our demo stores on This is a slightly edited version of the standard store design that comes with ProductCart v4. Adding Twitter updates to the right-side column literally took less than 2 minutes. It truly is empowering the feeling that you get from being fully in control of the look of your store.

ProductCart Demo Home Page

Many great-looking stores powered by ProductCart were also recently added by our users and resellers to the directory “Great Online Stores .com“, which lists hundreds of e-commerce Web sites that use ProductCart. Check it out if you haven’t been there recently. There are some pretty awesome store designs to get inspired from.

Great Online Stores

If you are just getting started with ProductCart, the WIKI article that talks about integrating ProductCart with your own store design is the place to go for detailed instructions on how to quickly apply any store design to your ProductCart-powered storefront.

The “How To” section then contains many articles on how to add all sorts of things to your store design. Is there a “How To” article that you’d like to see added? Let us know by adding a comment below (or contribute directly to the WIKI).

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