Ready-to-go ProductCart templates

We are getting more and more requests for ready-to-use, professionally designed store designs (“templates”) for ProductCart-powered stores. This makes a lot of sense: there are many companies out there that are happy to spend on a good template, but might not have the budget for a full, custom design (which normally costs several thousand dollars).

A couple of clarifications on the topic:

  • Why we don’t sell templates
    At Early Impact we decided not to get in the business of creating and selling templates for ProductCart because we do not wish to compete with our network of resellers. That’s the only reason, but we believe is a good one. Designing great Web store interfaces is what Web designers do, and many of our resellers are exactly in that business. No point in competing with our partners.
  • A business opportunity
    No one, as far as we know, has created a marketplace of ready-to-use designs for ProductCart yet. There is definitely a business opportunity there. It’s not just new stores that are buyers of ready-to-go store designs, but existing stores that want to change their look & feel as well. At the right price, some stores might decide to update their store design much more frequently.
  • Business model
    The business model is a proven one: typically what you see is…

    • Low price for non-exclusive use of a template (and the same template remains available for sale). Often $100 or less.
    • Higher price for exclusive use (and the template goes off the market). A few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

The entrepreneurial ones out there are probably already planning how to make this happen. Sounds great to us! And we’ll link to any professionally designed (and run) marketplace from the Early Impact Web site, when they’re ready. Keep us posted.

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