ProductCart update released (includes security patch)

We just released two updates for ProductCart:

  • A “Service Pack” for ProductCart v4
    We called it SP3 (since we had released two smaller updates in November). This is a cumulative update that includes all files that have been updated since the release of v4. This update also contains fixes for a couple of security issues that were recently brought to our attention. Here are all the details.
  • A security patch for ProductCart v3.51
    The same security issues found for ProductCart v4 were patched in v3 as well. You can find the files that fix the issues on the ProductCart Support Center. Details on what was fixed in included in the ZIP files that you will download.

Whenever a security issue is found, we try to react to it as quickly as possible. This update was made available within days of being notified of the vulnerabilities. We are not aware of any of these vulnerabilites having been exploited in any ProductCart-powered store. We recommend that you apply these updates as soon as possible to address the open issues.

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