PayPal Express Checkout “Accelerated Boarding” now available

In the latest version of ProductCart (v4 SP3) we updated our integration with PayPal Express Checkout. The PayPal name for it is “Accelerated Boarding”. We’ll take a minute to explain what it is because it can make your life easier as a ProductCart merchant.

In a nutshell, PayPal realized that the easier they make it for merchants to activate their payment systems, the better. With “Accelerated Boarding”, you – as a merchant – can turn on Express Checkout without even signing up a PayPal account. Add your e-mail address and turn it on. The first time you get an order that was paid for using Express Checkout, then PayPal will contact you (“hey, come and set things up now, so you can get your money”).

In other words, you can painlessly add a new payment option to your storefront. Of course, if you don’t like Express Checkout, then this is not going to make any difference to you. But, if you were thinking about giving it a try, now it’s even easier to do so.

At Early Impact, we like PayPal Express Checkout because this alternative checkout process allows new customers to place an order on your store very quickly (assuming they have a PayPal account, and millions do), and it does not compromise most of the cool checkout features that ProductCart includes.

Trying out changes to your storefront that might improve some of your customers’ shopping experience is always a good idea and “Accelerated Boarding” makes it easier for you to give Express Checkout a try.

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