One Page Checkout Overhaul: What it means to retailers and developers

ProductCart 5.0 introduces its most powerful and flexible One Page Checkout system to date.  Redesigned from the ground up, the latest One Page Checkout takes cues from industry leaders like Amazon, Gap, and Old Navy, while staying true to the core ProductCart design principles, emphasizing common-sense and usability.  Retailers will finally realize their full sales potential with an affordable checkout solution that can hold its own in a saturated, competitive marketplace.  Developers will discover a level of customizability never seen before in ecommerce software.

One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout

When you bring your products and services online you’re up against well-funded ecommerce giants.  As a retailer you need more than bells and whistles; you need ProductCart’s latest One Page Checkout.  The overhaul of One Page Checkout brings responsiveness and themes to the table.  That means that you can brand every aspect of One Page Checkout, not only desktop, but also tablet and mobile devices.  Out of the box you receive several theme options that look amazing on all devices.  Watch as your mobile sales skyrocket.  The checkout panels are optimized and arranged to prevent “drop-offs,” which will immediately help your bottom line.

All of these improvements are available at no additional cost to Support and Updates subscribers.  That’s not all…  Support and Updates subscribers will have access to all of the amazing new features we have planned for 2014.  Throughout the year, the ProductCart team will be introducing feature after feature taking One Page Checkout to higher plateaus.

Developing a branded checkout experience that can take on a super-site is an epic task… well that was until ProductCart 5.0 was available.  ProductCart’s One Page Checkout utilizes the latest technology to bring you a true separation of concerns.  That means that the code and design are no longer intertwined.  All of ProductCart’s powerful business logic is now self-contained in the back end, thus leaving a designer an empty canvas to create beautiful layouts using pure CSS3 and HTML5.  A coder can focus on implementing custom business logic without stepping on a designer’s toes.  Sounds good, right?  It is all possible because the engineers at ProductCart spent the past year working with technologies like AngularJS, by Google, to create a checkout system that everyone on the team can use.

No other ecommerce system’s checkout flow can be customized at this level and with this simplicity by designers and coders alike.  There are no fancy templates or proprietary languages to learn.  Every single last element of the checkout system can be styled across devices simply with pure CSS and HTML5.  If you want to dig into the more technical aspects head on over to our documentation.

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